Safety 101

General Guidelines:

  • Know right of way rules for kiting, especially if you go out into the waves in Maui
  • No Kiteboarding before 11 AM on the northshore of Maui
  • Keep 300 feet from Humpback Whales and divers
  • Select a safe launch and ask the locals before attempting to ride at a new location for the first time
  • Carefully check the weather and wind
  • Don’t fly in offshore or onshore winds unless you have done a proper risk assessment
  • Check all equipment before launching and do not launch close to people or dangerous obstacles
  • Check lines for knots, wear, and twists.  Make sure screws are properly tightened on board and kite is properly inflated.
  • Always use a kite leash and attach it before hooking into the chicken loop
  • Don’t launch or land in crowded areas. Don’t fly near or over people/obstacles
  • Stay clear of power lines, trees, and roads.  Maintain a 2 line length downwind buffer from all obstacles
  • Keep downwind of other ocean users (eg. windsurfers, stand up paddle boarders, spear fisherman)
  • Assist fellow riders with launching/landing if they need it
  • Always kite with a buddy, but if you have to go alone, tell someone where you are kiting and what your plan and backup plan are
  • Never kite further from shore than you can swim
  • Carry a safety cutter knife
  • Help out other kiters in need
  • Kite with respect for others and you will get respect

Rules of Riding (Right of Way):

Responsible kiteboarders know the right of way rules, and always ride with courtesy and respect. Kiteboarding rules help to avoid collisions with other water users and other kiters.

  • Always use a kite leash
  • Never launch or fly you kite over a non-kiteboarder
  • Incoming Kiter gives way to the Kiter who is launching
  • The kiter with the right hand forward (starboard tack) has right of way
  • The upwind kites gives way to the downwind kiter
  • The overtaking kiter gives way to the slower kiter
  • Look before you turn or jump
  • The outgoing kiter gives way to the kiter on the wave
  • Avoid collisions at all costs
  • Stay clear of beginner kiters
  • Do not jump close to shore
  • Stay away from swimmers, surfers, fisherman, canoes

Remember: Your conduct is representative of all kiteboarders, Please always ride with respect and tolerance. Kiting on the north shore is a privilege, do not take it for granted. Always follow the directives of the lifeguards, and stay in the designated kiteboarding areas.

Want some more local knowledge or someone to watch your back?  No worries, thats what we do, book a lesson.