Unifoil HYPER 2 Complete High Aspect Hydrofoil


High Performance. High Aspect Perfection

Product Description

Hyper² is the first wing in our range that utilizes our new 2-bolt fuselage system for an easier, yet tighter fit.

This wing design screams high performance. Upgraded for 2023, the Hyper² has been designed to have the same look and feel as the original Hyper, but it is much faster and more efficient, with a broader speed range and a much higher top end. The thinner profile and narrower tips produce less drag.

  • High-performance high-aspect upgraded for 2022
  • Faster and more efficient than previous Hyper
  • Higher top-end speed
  • Lower lift coefficient producing smoother take-offs making it easier to ride
  • Intermediate to pro guys for winging, pump, down-winders and small waves
  • Tighter turning radius for even tighter turns

If you want to go like a rocket, this is the wing for you.

The Hyper² has a lower lift coefficient producing smoother take-offs making it easier to ride, and giving it an even more balanced feel than its popular predecessor.

Additional information

Front Wing

150, 170, 190, 210


750 Carbon Mast, 830 Carbon Mast, 950 Carbon Mast, 750 Katana Carbon Mast, 830 Katana Carbon Mast, 950 Katana Carbon Mast, 500 Aluminium Mast, 650 Aluminium Mast, 750 Aluminium Mast


14" Flare, Carve 16", Race 18", G10 3 Pack 13", G10 3 Pack 14"

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