About Kite Hawaii

Maui’s Premiere Kiteboarding School & Store

We make new kiteboarders daily. This is what we love doing and have thousands of successful independent students enjoying this sport all over the world.

From one-on-one customized lessons to group clinics, Kite HI offers a full spectrum of customized lessons for everyone. When learning from Kite HI you will be working with the most experienced instructors / pros in the world when it comes to kiteboarding. The knowledge from our coaches is by far the best information and skills you will ever learn. Not to mention you will be in the mecca for kitesurfing, Maui, where there is ridable wind nearly everyday. We suggest you take a trip to Hawaii and learn from our friendly coaches in the warm blue water, consistent winds, and truly enjoy the learning experience us.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions or would like more information about our programs.

More experience than any other Kite School in the World

With over 50 years of combined kiteboarding experience between the 4 of us, we promise to be as honest as we possibly can when it comes to learning kiteboarding and buying equipment. We know all the techniques, locations, and equipment all over the world. It is pretty safe to say that we have seen it all in the kite world and now it is our time to share our knowledge.

Our instructional programs have been constantly developing and evolving into what they are today. We began in the early days of the sport and will teach you how to recover from the most difficult situations safely. Kite HI doesn’t just teach how to kiteboard, we teach you what to do when things go wrong and how to recognize problems before they happen. Our experience puts us on another level when compared to other operations and this allows us to safely make new riders everyday. Our coaches are the most dedicated professionals to the sport and we pride ourselves on being as professional as possible while creating an exciting experience for our students.